Workshop Facilities

Our Fabrication workshop allows us to respond quickly to our customers needs and often componts are made from scratch that are no longer available or have a long lead time from the manufacturer.

We manufacture roller shutters in house, rolling our own galvanised lath on our custom cold rolled forming machine. We also, custom make all canopies from flat sheet with our 3 metre guillotine and folding press. This gives ACE total control over the quality of its products, but also gives us the flexiability to turn around shutters in as little as 24 hours !!!

ACE has also invested in a custom spray booth to enable our shutters and other steelworks to be completed in a quality finish and all component parts that are not galvanised or powder coated are sprayed to produce a professional finish.

Our Fabrication workshop also contains a Colchester Lathe, Bridgeport Milling Machine, Steel Worker, Large spot Welder, Three Headed Pillar Drills, Punches and heavy duty MIG & TIG welding equipment.

This again allows ACE to respond quickly to a breakdown or repair on any brand of door and dock system and gives us the ability to manufacture a broken part, rather than wait for a replacement.