Roller Shutter Manufacture

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" Not all Roller Shutters are the same "   FACT !!!!

Ace manufacture from scratch their own Roller Shutters, ensuring that each component used meets its stringent quality standards.

Many "Door Companies" simply buy in their shutters from a few manfacturers, who fight for the business on cost alone basis and therefore affect the quality of the goods.

ACE took the decision at the very start not to compromise on the quality, simply to win business. We invested in a cold rolled forming machine to make the shutter curtain and guillatine and press brake to manufacture the canopies and flashing needed.



ACE use a solid 6mm steel angle to support the barrel on its roller shutters, most other companies use a folded 3mm sheet.

ACE use a quality galvanised UK made material to manufacture its shutter curtains.

ACE use a tried, trusted and verified formula to correctly work out the deflection on the barrel, ensuring the correct thickness is used and NO CORNERS ARE CUT !!!

ACE spray paint with a quality undercoat, all exposed steel works before installation.

ACE use quality motors to power there roller shutters, our 240v tube motors have a five year warranty which in itself is a statement to quality.

ACE only use its own engineers to install our products, ensuring that the quality of installation is monitored.