Edge Of Dock / Bridge Plate

EDGE OF DOCK 7 205x170All Plate Bruidge 300x169 1 205x115EDGE OF DOCK 42 229x187

What is a Bridge Plate?

Where space is an issue or you need a solution to your loading bay that doesn’t require digging out a pit for the installation of a Dock Leveller then a Bridging Plate or Edge of Dock could well be the answer.

Manufactured to our same high standards, our Bridge Plates can give you the same safe working loads as a Dock Leveller but taking up a fraction of the space. Both are operated manually with the Bridging Plate being assisted by a gas strut and the Edge of Dock being counterbalanced for ease of operation.

The Bridge Plates can be made from either steel or aluminium non slip plate. The images above shows the Bridge Plate in the open and closed position along with a set of ACE neoprene dock bumpers and a retractable shelter. The system was completed with safety traffic lights to control the loading bay operation.