Dock Bumpers

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Dock Buffers & Bumpers 

Dock buffers, also known as dock bumpers, reduce the wear and tear and damage to both loading bay equipment and the building, and will consequently significantly reduce maintenance costs.ACE complement their range of loading bay equipment with a number of different types of Heavy Duty Dock buffers. Serious consideration should always be given to fitting the appropriate type of dock buffers.

Sliding buffer system

The increasing use of air suspension vehicles has resulted in many dock buffers being damaged, this happens when the vehicle backs onto the buffers, then as it is unloaded or loaded the suspension rises and falls, resulting in the buffers being damaged at the top or bottom, and in some cases is ripped from the wall. ACE have designed a solution to this problem with our sliding buffer system which allows the buffers in contact with the vehicle to travel up and down with the vehicle suspension.  This is an efficient and valuable solution which will ultimately prove very cost effective.

Polyethylene fronted buffers

Polyethylene fronted buffers offer a long life, high damage resistance and ensures the dock area remains not only safe and functional and aesthetically pleasing but is also designed to reduce wear on vehicle bumpers.  These buffers have a high molecular weight polyethylene front to withstand daily punishment, and the low friction means increased life.  It’s high visibility helps drivers align trailers more accurately.

Standard Dock Buffers

Standard dock buffers are robust, good quality and cost effective.  Constructed of composite reinforced rubber and available in both rectangular and L-shaped versions of varying sizes, to suit your requirements.

Many situations occur in the loading dock where standard moulded dock bumpers are not deep enough for the applications required. In these circumstances a spacer or packer can be used to provide the additional depth required.

Heavy Duty Backing Plate

The heavy duty backing plate not only helps to protect the building but also acts as a packer. 

Heavy Duty Face Plates

The heavy duty face plate not only helps to protect the rubber buffer but also acts as a packer.