Chiller/Freezer Fabric

Ace Contract Maintenance has a specialist division dealing with fabric repairs to all display and wak in chillers and freezers. Our spares department has been heavily invested in, to hold replacement parts for many cabinet manufacturers. 

We are able to respond quickly and efficently to most issues and turn around repairs in hours !!  This has enabled ACE to supply and maintain cabinets and freezers for some of the UKs giant supermarket chains.

  1. Frame and Mullion Heaters
  2. Replacement Gas Rams
  3. Replacement Trims
  4. Glazing Issues
  5. Door hinges
  6. Drain heaters
  7. Product Dividers
  8. Roller Blinds and Lighting
  9. Handles, Heaters and Automation


Supermarket Freezer Cabinet 275x206Serveover 276x207

Sliding Chiller Doors 274x186